Your Health Matters

“​50% of ​[people​] over the age of 18 will experience a legal problem that they consider serious or difficult to resolve. And a recent survey disclosed that one in five people with a legal problem experienced stress or emotional difficulty as a direct result of dealing with the legal problem: 39.1 % of respondents aged 18 to 35 and 61.5% of respondents aged 55 to 65, experienced physical health problems as a result of the legal problem. In other words, if you are facing a serious or difficult legal problem, it is possible that you will also experience stress or health related problems. The Lessons . . .​ if involved in a serious legal problem,​ take steps to protect your emotional and physical health.”​
​-  The Hidden Costs of Legal Problems on ​Stress and Healthby ​Gwendolyn L. Adrian​, Commercial & Civil Litigation Attorney


Legal problems can be stressful for you ​and​ your whole family. And it can be difficult to pay attention to things like sleep and nutrition at those times​. But stress left unchecked ​can be a source of inflammation and disease that will exacerbate an already full stress-load​. ​Luckily, there are ways​ to mitigate any negative effects and support your brain and body even during challenging times​.​


At Health Within Reach we understand that when life gets overwhelming you still need to be at your best and show up for court dates while still showing up for yourself and your family. And the best way to have the energy and endurance to make it through is with a diet and lifestyle that supports your needs. Start with a free 30-minute consultation to see if coaching is right for you. Afterwards, you begin the process with a complete health assessment–an in-depth conversation about your current health/wellness needs and future goals. Together we will create a wellness plan that can best support you through your stressful time.


What can having a health coach do for you? 

Feel Better – How you feel and how much energy you have for the day​ really is at the foundation of how you experience life events and how you will perform. And what you are eating can be the tipping point that brings you closer to your goals. Health Within Reach can show you what foods are getting in your way by creating inflammation and additional stress, and what foods could help you feel better.


Think Better​ - ​The best way to heal our mood and brain is to heal the body in which we reside. And there are many things that we can do for the body that will positively affect how calm or happy we feel, and how well our brains function. Things like: poor nutrition, lack of sleep, stress, blood sugar instability, and gut dysbiosis all directly affect our thoughts and emotions. There can be other factors as well, toxins and pharmaceuticals that disrupt our hormones and over-burden our livers and kidneys. Together we can look at your top 10 most likely brain/mood depressors and come up with action plans to empower your body’s healing


Live Better – It helps to have healthy ​routines ​in place ​so that you can save your energy for other things that need your attention. Health coaching can help you create routines that safeguard your sleep, diet​,​ mental health, and energy levels, and keep you​ connected with positive support from activities like relaxation, time with friends and family, and time for yourself and your​ hobbies. ​Coaches can also help you avoid becoming dependent on crutches that exhaust your adrenals​ over time–things like excess caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and ​late night TV binges​.–and can help you replace these with choices that truly support your health, energy, and mental capacity​.