“Laura is a highly experienced Naturopathic Wellness Coach who is unbelievably knowledgeable in the area of integrative and holistic nutrition-based wellness. I’m 47 and I started working with Laura 6 months ago for better nutritional support in my marathon training. Since then, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my energy level and weight maintaining ability despite physical challenges and injuries along the way. Laura takes a holistic approach to your wellness that often goes beyond the obvious nutritional recommendations, but even tackling obstacles that may be blocking you at the core level of your brain and helping you navigate past thinking patterns that aren’t serving your wellness goals. Beyond that she’s an amazingly warm, caring and compassionate person who is truly vested in your health, happiness and whole being. And because of her non-traditional approach, you’ll be surprised at what you learn not only about your body but also about yourself in working with her. So if you want to take your health and fitness plan to the next level and reach your optimal health goals, you couldn’t ask for a better coach than Laura!”