“I began working with Laura in order to address some bad food habits that I wanted to change and I wanted to create a healthier lifestyle and eating habits for myself.  I found that I needed help to make this happen. Laura was recommended by a mutual friend, and I’m so glad I took the steps to start working with Laura.

Laura has been extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional in all our sessions.  The initial health review was very thorough, and Laura asked questions that I have never been asked by a doctor before.  Then Laura took time to review my responses and do some research before she developed a plan that would support my specific health issues and goals.  Our first meeting was face-to-face, but all others by phone, and this has worked very well.  In addition to the eating plan that Laura provided, we have discussed my relationship with food and behavior modification methods to support my new eating plan.

I have loved the eating plan that Laura devised.  It has caused me to try new foods, eat more vegetables and salads and less sugar.  The foods are very satisfying, and even when I get hungry during the day, I crave the listed foods.  Because of travel and other factors, I have been on and off Laura’s eating plan since January.  I always feel better when I’m on the plan, and look forward to returning to the plan when I deviate for any length of time.  I lost over 10 pounds in my initial efforts with Laura, and even though I haven’t been faithful to the plan in the last few months, I have gained very little weight back – I have learned so much from Laura that I am making good food choices even when I’m not following the plan to the letter. I would recommend Laura to anyone who wants to eat better, feel healthier and be happier!”

– Karen Asbridge, Denver, CO