“I have Parkinson’s and I have been tormented by different side effects, notably fatigue. Luckily, I was in touch with Laura Carrithers, and she was on the job. She gave me recommendations for better foods to eat, she educated me in the nutritional values of various foods. She helped me eat right, which was an important part of the fight. And she stayed on it, peppering me with calls and emails of support and new information. Within an amazingly short time, I was feeling better—less tired and feeding off her good energy, I was more optimistic. We delved into Helicobacter pylori, (I was glad to find I didn’t have it) and she helped me with probiotics. Laura is great. She’s highly educated but easy to understand. She helped me grow and she didn’t keep her knowledge to herself. She’s the real deal!”

– George Kennen, Alameda, CA