“I have recently embarked on a journey of better health with Laura and I can already feel the great benefits to my body, and mind, through this process. I completed almost 2 weeks of Laura’s anti-inflammatory cleanse, and the results were frankly mind-blowing. I was reticent at first, when my mind mostly viewed the process I was about to begin as a form of food deprivation. I also honestly didn’t quite believe what Laura was telling me, regarding weight gain and its relationship to inflammation, as she encouraged me to challenge everything I believed about calories, water retention, and especially fats.  From the first day of the anti-inflammatory cleanse, I felt anything but deprived. I ate without concern of calories, fats, or carbs. I had clear direction as to what to eat, with no guesswork, and immediately, my body felt cleaner. The 2 week process was eye opening. The weight loss far superseded any weight loss I’ve experienced in over 30 years of dieting – I’ve tried every diet fad to come out since I was 12. What mattered most, however, was not the weight loss itself, but the psychological effects of watching myself eat well, eat a lot, while debunking every myth I had learned to believe in regarding healthy foods and weight loss. Fats were no longer my enemy. Nor am I worried about portion control. I was dropping pounds every day, and learning which foods tended to cause inflammation in my body. I am learning how to incorporate these foods still but with more moderation, while focusing the bulk of my meals on the foods that are my body’s friends. I only did the cleanse for 2 weeks because of some travel that made it difficult to have more control over my food, but Laura provides so much support and guidance, that it was easy to maintain healthy habits no matter the situation. Today, I started a new “round” of the anti-inflammatory cleanse, in order to continue learning which foods are best for me and continue to improve my health, my energy level, and my overall relationship with food. I cannot recommend going through this process with Laura enough. I only wish I had discovered Laura many years ago, but as simple as it seems, thinking of food as nutrition and health, and not as my enemy, is a huge gift for which I will always be grateful to Laura.”

– Cristina Llop; San Francisco, CA