“I started working with Laura almost by chance. In a moment of gastrointestinal discomfort, I mentioned the ongoing pain I felt in my stomach, often after meals, that 2 years of doctor visits, acupuncture, and herbs hadn’t cured. Laura asked me many questions regarding possible triggers, circumstances around the pain, and helped me monitor my body’s reactions to the foods I ate. She helped me become much more aware of the onset of symptoms, nutrition, and stress-related pain, which alone proved incredibly valuable and helped me significantly reduce the instances of discomfort. More substantially, though, she made a couple seemingly simple suggestions to try after the onset of pain. The immediate relief I obtained helped me identify what doctors, nurses, and other health providers had failed to see, that my stomach was producing too much acid. It seemed so simple but because no one had taken the time to really ask me questions, the easiest path but elusive to them all. Laura asked the right questions and was open minded enough to take all of the information in, even when it appeared contradictory. I am currently working with Laura to actually address my nutrition and balance in my gut in order to avoid the over-acidity. In the meantime, having the tools to eliminate the pain almost instantly when it flares up (and not having to resort to the many versions of antacids and gastrointestinal medications I ingested with little benefit) has improved the quality of my daily life tremendously. I would recommend Laura without hesitation to anyone interested in feeling better without having to resort to medications that only address, if at all, symptoms and not the root cause of any physical discomfort.”

– Carol Lobo, Sebastopol, CA