Joan, 64

Case: Diet / Food Allergies

The Issue

Looking to lose weight and live a long active life. She has a passion for food, for nature, books, art, and people. She makes friends easily because she is intelligent and curious. Lately Joan feels like she can’t keep her weight in check. She’s also having some heartburn that makes her feel panicky in the night. And no matter how healthy she makes her diet she can’t seem to get rid of the GERD. She has had recent blood work done and all her numbers are within normal. She has been struggling with chronic indigestion, fatigue, and concerns about brain, bone, and heart health as she heads into her 60s. Her career has taken her all over the world and the continuous travel has necessitated some poor eating habits. She has a good sense of her own body and an easy time coming up with descriptive words for her symptoms. She is willing to try almost anything and organized enough to follow through.

The Solution

She makes me her health advocate and we work together to solve problems in a creative and proactive way, seldom getting overwhelmed or discouraged. Her health starts to improve within the first few days, which makes room for getting down to deeper and deeper levels of healing and exploration. Within days of starting the program she is losing weight and learning new ways of approaching food. Within weeks she had lost 15 pounds and is able to take her new lifestyle with her traveling and visiting with friends.  After the third month Joan and I meet only twice a month just to keep track of her status and make slight adjustments and changes around seasonal shifts. At the end of our first year together I read her the letter she wrote at the beginning of the year chronicling all that she wanted to achieve around her health. She has managed to do every single one plus more. In the meantime she has referred me out to friends and family, many of which have become clients. Two years after our first meeting Joan lighter, healthier, more energetic, and feels like she has the map for a healthy abundant lifestyle that she can use for the rest of her life.*

* Case studies are based on actual people, however, names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.